Gekko FRML's frmlcode

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Gekko FRML's frmlcode

Postby jjcp » Fri Sep 16, 2016 7:27 pm


Is there any documentation on how to use FRML's `frmlcode` parameter?
I wasn't able to find any on the site.


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Re: Gekko FRML's frmlcode

Postby admin » Sat Sep 17, 2016 6:29 am

Hello jjcp,

Thank you for your interest. Have you read what is written in the help file, under the MODEL command ( ... ?model.htm)? In general, the first letter after the '_' is only a label ('i' for identity, 's' for stochastic, etc.) that does not do anything while solving. But I believe the rest of the codes are explained under MODEL.

You do not have to use these codes, if in doubt just use a '_i' to avoid these complexities.

Also, I recommend trying out the guided tour (see section 5 in particular):

Best regards,

-Thomas Thomsen, editor/Gekko

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Re: Gekko FRML's frmlcode

Postby MOL » Mon Aug 07, 2017 9:58 am

A good way to study the effects of these frmlcodes on what ADD-factors etc are produced as GEKKO interprets the stated equation may proceed in the following way:
1. include that equation in a model file (.frm) and
2. let GEKKO read that file using the MODEL command and read an accompanying databank.
3. Once these are loaded you can use the DISP command for that equation (its name is the left hand variable of the equation).
4. This produces relevant output in the MAIN output window.
5. Click on the link "Show detailed equation" which is available underneath the reprinted full equation as found in the model file.
6. New output is produced with the exact form of the equation, as GEKKO interprets it with the implied ADD-factors etc
7. Trying the same equation with the different frmlcodes should help you gain a more complete understanding of the effects of the different frmlcodes.


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