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Solving and analyzing large-scale economic models.

Gekko is a free time-series oriented software package for handling and analyzing timeseries data, and for solving and analyzing large-scale economic models. Since 2009, Gekko is being used by Danish ministeries, banks, interest groups and universities, for the simulation of economic and energy-related models (more). The software runs under Windows (.NET), and is open source (GNU GPL).

Some features:
  • Timeseries-oriented software.
  • Flexible data banks: annual, quarters and months.
  • Dynamically loaded and compiled models.
  • Gauss and Newton solvers, with ordering and feedback logic. Fair-Taylor solver for forward-looking models.
  • Any number of simultaneous goals/means possible.
  • Failsafe mode for simulation.
  • In-built equation browser, with variable list.
  • Decomposition of changes in equations.
  • Double precision, missing values handled consistently
  • Expressions accepted anywhere: in print, plot, etc.
  • Strict language syntax (via in-built ANTLR parser), with loops, conditionals etc. (more of this to come).
  • Graphics by means of embedded gnuplot
  • Tabelling and menu system, outputting in text, html or Excel
  • Read/write from Excel or other spreadsheets.
  • Used by Statistics Denmark, Ministry of Finance, Ministry for Economic Affairs, Danish Energy Agency, Technical University of Denmark, universities and more.
  • Easy installation by means of a all-inclusive Windows installer, or manually by means of a zip-file with gekko.exe etc.
  • Open source. No licenses to compilers etc. -- everything used is C#/.NET (+ gnuplot and 7zip). So everything is open-source, and therefore free of charge.